Ohio man tricks Grace College female student into placing hidden camera in shared dormitory bathroom

WINONA LAKE, Ind.-- "Just the fact that this happened is shocking and sad," said Calyssa Lehman, a Grace College and Seminary student.

The bathroom is usually a place of privacy, but for four female Grace College students, their dormitory restroom became the place that privacy was violated.

“That’s a huge invasion of privacy. That is scary. Sometimes we don’t know. They seem like a good person but its not always the case," said Lehman.

From October of 2017 to July of 2018, 20 year-old Gavin Reeves allegedly requested a female student place a hidden camera device in the dorm room bathroom.

Reeves told her it was a motion-activated air-freshner he was working on. He said, the device would collect motion so he could determine the settings for the air-freshner and requested she place the device in the dorm room bathroom she shared with three other young women.

“Just the deep hurt and betrayal from that would be very uncomfortable,” said Grace College student, Kennedy Parker.

Winona Lake Police Deparment tell ABC57 the device was actually an HD camera USB wall charger similar to this one that can be purchased for less than $50 dollars.

Leaving some students at the christian college and seminary shocked.

“That’s kind of wild. I definitely wouldn’t expect that here," said student David Wieringa.

“That is not something that should be done. I'm sure he wouldn’t want that done to himself so why would you do that to other people," said student Zach Hill.

Grace college says , they value the safety of their students and believe that no others are at risk, and they also give students resources to help protect themselves.

“In general that training that we provide talks about that personal safety and well being. We want them to continue to be mindful of those personal safety kinds of strategies that they can take," said Chief of Staff, Carrie Yocum. 

Reeves was booked into Kosciusko County jail on April 18 but has since bonded out.

He faces four counts of voyeurism, a level 6 felony.

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