On sale: A smartphone-sized gun?

On sale: A smartphone-sized gun?


Think about your smartphone for a second.

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, easy to handle, and the perfect size for a gun.

At least that’s what one company is claiming tonight.

Their product is a pistol the size of your smartphone.

Thursday, ABC 57 gathered local reaction about this new gun concept and learned it’s firing up a discussion with two very different sides.

“It just looks like a recipe for disaster,” said Derek Dieter, former South Bend Police Officer.

Dieter spent nearly four decades with the South Bend Police Department.

“I’m familiar with a lot of weapons and all the other things it involves,” said Dieter.

Dieter, who now owns a security business, teaches active shooter training but says he would never teach anyone to fire a weapon with a gun like the “Ideal Conceal.”

The company triggering the design says a gun the size of a smartphone is the perfect size for hiding.

Local firing range manager John Pemberton agrees.

“I think it’s a neat concept, more options to carry those kinds of things and the ability to really conceal it unlike other pistols,” said Pemberton.

But those in the law enforcement field, like Dieter, aren’t convinced

He says if someone wants a weapon for protection, they should buying a weapon, and notbuying into a gimmick.

The company’s CEO tells our sister station in Dayton he hopes the smart phone sized gun is on the market by the end of the summer. 

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