One dead, one in critical condition after shooting

NOW: One dead, one in critical condition after shooting

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- Officials were called out to South Roosevelt Avenue in Mishawaka after a report of shots fired just before 11:30 PM Friday night.

Once they got to the scene, officials said the two victims, 28-year old Ryan Serafino and 28-year old Brandon Stahl, both had at least one gunshot wound.

Neighbor Tabatha Lynn has lived on Roosevelt Avenue for over 35 year and said the news of the incident came as a complete surprise.

“We didn’t know until this morning, my mom’s cousin actually send a message and said ‘what happened on your street,’” Lynn said.

Officials believe that the two victims were shooting at one another during an altercation at the house.

Just shortly after the incident, Seravino was pronounced dead, and Stahl is currently in critical condition.

Neighbors said that this act of violence is unusual in this neighborhood.

“I’m in shock. It’s definitely not this neighborhood, it’s always been a quiet neighborhood everyone knows everybody, you know, everyone’s friends with everybody,” Lynn said.

Lynn said that in all the years she has lived in the neighborhood, that there has been little to no violence around, and that overall, it's typically friendly and peaceful.

“It’s, its complete shock. Like I said, this neighborhood has always been, you know peaceful, we’ve never had anything,” Lynn said.

She said that violence is not welcome in the neighborhood, and that she hopes this will be the last time that an incident like this one takes place.

“I’m hoping that whoever is causing the violence just keep it away. This is just a nice neighborhood, always has been and we would like the violence to stay away,” Lynn said. “We have kids in the area it’s very scary to think that somebody was killed in our neighborhood and there’s kids right here.”

Officials are still investigating this shooting and if anyone has any additional information, you’re encouraged to call the St. Joe County Metro Homicide Unit or Michiana Crime Stoppers.

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