One kid helps others eat healthier

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. -- Putting healthier foods in kids' hands can start with a phone app that puts healthy choices at their fingertips.

The brain behind the app knows that it is hard to get young kids hooked on foods that taste good and are good for them.  The creature knows firsthand this struggle because the app's inventor is only 8 -years-old.

The app is called Nicolas' Garden. It allows users to look up favorite foods and get healthy recipes.

"Me and my dad were in the garden and my dad was teaching how fruits and vegetables are good for you so then I thought it would be cool if I could share this information online," said Nicholas Come, created app.

Nicholas says he is not done yet. He has entered a "healthy recipe" contest put on by Michelle Obama.

The winner of that contest gets to eat dinner with the President.

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