One local Granger boutique is changing its fitting room procedures

NOW: One local Granger boutique is changing its fitting room procedures


ST.JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.— As Indiana starts to re-open, many stores are trying to find a solution to the new shopping experience.

In some stores across the county, fitting rooms have been closed off to customers, but one local boutique in Granger is working out a system to ensure customers are not only satisfied while shopping, but also safe while doing it.

As people debate whether or not to go out to retail shops, others may be wondering what the new normal for shopping looks like.

At Judee’s boutique in Granger, customers will find hand sanitizers and gloves throughout the store, and while masks are provided at the front, customers are encouraged to bring their own.

Surfaces that have been touched by customers are cleaned constantly; this includes the bathroom and even fitting rooms.

The owner Debra Cafiero said everything that a customer doesn’t buy, but that has been tried on in the dressing room, goes into a pile at the back of the store.

“If they try everything on, we quarantine, we have a quarantine rack at the back,” said Cafiero. “We quarantine whatever has been tried on for three days and then we steam it before we put it back on the floor.”

This also applies to items that have been touched by customers.

As for their return policy, Cafiero said they don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

“Return policy has always been you can return within seven days. And we haven’t turned anybody away from returns,” Cafiero said. “I’ve been encouraged through other conversations that we should reject returns, but I just don’t have enough where I’m at that point, where I feel like we should do that. So, we just take the clothing and put them in the back."

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