Options for heating bill help in Southwest Michigan

Brutal winters in Southwest Michigan can take a hit on the pocket book with heating costs. If you're finding it tough to manage, there is some help in the area.

The Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency is offering emergency heating assistance. 

You're eligible if your household income is at or below the federal poverty line. 

The organization can provide emergency funds for past due heating bills, disconnected electric, natural gas and deliverable fuels. 

And if worse comes to worse and temps are at a dangerous level, the organization will even provide emergency shelter.

Sometimes though, you may want to consider reaching out to your utility agency. They often times won't shut off your heat or electric if you talk to them. They may even be able to work out a payment plan for you. 

The state of Michigan also has an emergency relief program. It's designed to help low income families who can usually meet their needs but come up short with high heating costs.

You can find more info here. 

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