Orchards Mall shut down amid delinquent utility bills

NOW: Orchards Mall shut down amid delinquent utility bills

Benton Township shut down all of Orchards Mall today because of $31,000 of unpaid utility bills. According to township Superintendent Kelli Nelson, mall ownership had not paid the water bill in 5 months. The sewer bill had not been paid in 9 months. Because of the delinquent payments, the building inspector posted signs that the mall was closed and the water was shut off.

"This stubborn attitude the township is having toward the owner because they're mad at him, isn't hurting the owner, it's hurting the tenants." tenant and business owner, Dave Carlock said.

Nelson tells ABC57 news that the $31,000 bill was paid this morning after the water was already shut off. However, mall ownership still owed $457 in fines.

Management for the mall says the bill was paid just before the water was turned off. The manager says the township then asked for a $6,000 deposit. After the deposit was paid, the township asked for the $457, according to mall management.

Nelson confirms the $457 was paid this afternoon. She says the water will be turned back on tomorrow morning.

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