Organization working to build path that connects east side of Granger

NOW: Organization working to build path that connects east side of Granger

GRANGER, Ind. – A local organizations wants to build a new path that connects the east side of Granger to schools, restaurants, parks, and more.

Friends of Granger Paths wants to pick up where the sidewalk ends in downtown Granger near Bittersweet Road and build a pathway that heads east on S.R 23 connecting to Adams Rd and ending at Ash Rd.

Board member Jessica Knapick calls this phase two of the non-profit’s mission.

The organization has been working over the last 16 years to build multi-use paths in Granger that allow people to run, bike, and walk.

Most recently they advocated for sidewalks along Adams Rd. Knapick says eventually they want to build a path down Ash Road that connects to Discovery Middle School and Horizon Elementary.

“With the first phase we’ve connected so many things already, North Point Elementary, Mary Frank Elementary, Knollwood Country Club, we have the library, the new Harris Park, not to mention all the neighborhoods up and down Adams Road,” said Knapick. “It’s being fully utilized and we’re proud of that and that’s why we want to extend it to more members of Granger.”

The organization applied for a federal grant that would pay for 80 percent of the $3 million project. The community would have to raise the other 20 percent which is around $700,000.

“I would love to take the family on a bike ride down to Ninja Golf and ice cream or send my older kid down to Martin’s for a gallon of milk,” said Knapick. “I just think it’s nice to get outdoors, spend some quality family time, connect with your community.”

Knapick thinks phase two opens more opportunities for people living in the area.

“I feel that a lot of people want these pathways to be more environmentally friendly, use bikes instead of cars, and also it can increase your home values, bring more people wanting to live in the Granger area when you have walkability between homes,” said Knapick.

The organization says the project’s timeline is dependent on their ability to raise enough money for it.

On Sunday, May 19, Friends of Granger Paths will host its annual 5K run and walk. The money raised at that event will help pay for the project.

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