Osceola family needs help to buy daughter a seizure dog

An Osceola family is looking for a life line for their five year old who suffers seizures. An assistance dog may be the key to keeping her alive. 

There are now dogs specially trained to deal with seizures. The Newcolmb family hopes to get one for the daughter Emily.

She suffers a condition where she has many seizures. Because of that, a family member or friend has to be with her at all times. 

The Newcombs say a seizure alert dog could allow their daughter to play outside by herself, and always have a life line at school or on field trips. But the cost is about $20,000 too much to manage for them. So they are asking for a hand up. And they say this is their last resort.

"If she has a seizure at school and mom and dad can't be there, it's her best friend," said Gary Newcomb, Emily's father. "We truly believe this dog will be her soul mate and very well could save her life at the same time."

The family is using a different method of fund raising called Red Basket, which focuses on authenticity from those raising funds from the website and doesn't charge a service fee. However, their campaign is only for a limited time. Click here if you wish to help them out. 

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