Over a dozen members of motorcycle club charged with racketeering, conspiracy to distribute drugs

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The US Attorneys Office has charged 15 members of a motorcycle club with racketeering and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

A 16th person has been charged in a conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

The US Attorney's Office says the Sin City Deciples, which was formed in 1967, is a motorcycle organization whose members and associates allegedly engage in acts of violence, extortion, trafficking in stolen property, and narcotics distribution.

The 15 defendants charged with racketeering conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances are:

  • Ronnie Ervin Major a/k/a “Black,” 51, of Gary, Indiana
  • Antoine Jermell Gates a/k/a “Twan,” 44, of Gary, Indiana
  • Kenneth Christopher McGhee a/k/a “Sonny” and “Angel,” 72, of Merrillville, Indiana
  • Michael Castro Rivera a/k/a “Puerto Rican Mike,” 64, of Gary, Indiana
  • Douglas Sherman Blowers a/k/a “Profit,” 41, of Lake Station, Indiana
  • Daniel Richard Spanley a/k/a “Tattoo,” 42, of Hobart, Indiana
  • Roger Lee Ervin Burton a/k/a “Bo,” 52, of East Chicago, Indiana
  • James Ulrich Richardson a/k/a “Little Rick,” 52, of Crown Point, Indiana
  • Richard White a/k/a “Ignorant Bastard,” 54, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Brandon Romand Parks a/k/a “Baywatch,” 43, of Chicago, Illinois
  • Herman Troy Jefferson a/k/a “G-Rilla,” 49, of Jacksonville, Arkansas
  • David Lagrant Guy a/k/a “Fly Guy,” 51, of Merrillville, Indiana
  • Jessie Donald Willis a/k/a “Chip,” 57, of Portage, Indiana
  • Marvie D. Gardner a/k/a “Widowmaker,” 51, of Louisville, Kentucky
  • Bernard Smith, a/k/a “Flirt” and “Preacher,” 59, of Gary, Indiana

Daniel Richard Spanley a/k/a “Tattoo” is also charged with distribution of cocaine and possessing a firearm as a felon.

Gregory Patrick Weldon a/k/a “Sugar Bear,” 53, of Hobart, Indiana, has been charged in the conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and distribution of cocaine.

The original indictment alleged Ronnie Ervin Major a/k/a “Black” and Antoine Jermell Gates a/k/a “Twan” engaged in murder for hire and used a firearm during the December 19, 2010 murder of Jocelyn Blair.

As part of the investigation, search warrants were served throughout northern Indiana, including the Sin City club in South Bend.

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