Paint job gone wrong in Penn Township, county investigating

When Osceola resident Nicolle Zirelle got home Monday morning after dropping her child off at soccer, she had a surprise. 

A yellow stripe of paint coated the bottom of her car.

She found out she wasn't the only one.  Many drivers have yellow or white paint marks on their cars after driving on McKinley Highway.  

Zirelle says there were no indications that the road paint was wet: no signs, no workers, and no cones. 

But St Joseph County engineer, Jessica Clark, says that while they're investigating, she believes they followed procedure.  She says that "utilizing an equipment train and using shadow vehicles to help keep cars out of the work zone, is an acceptable method." 

However, the county is evaluating these methods to make sure this doesn't happen again.

As for Zirelle, although her official estimate from the body shop is not calculated yet, she believes that the damage to her car is worth more than two thousand dollars. 

Clark says an independent administrator is looking into these insurance claims. 

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