Parade goers dream of last year's warm temps



No amount of green could keep Megan Thompson warm at her first Saint Patrick's Day parade. She just moved to South Bend from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

"I like it except for the coldness-I'm not used to it," said Thompson.

This day last year-it was seventy eight degrees outside.

"Last year was amazing," said Katie Elms, parade watcher. "It was forty degrees warmer. We were in shorts and t-shirts. It doesn't even compare."

Subtract those forty degrees, add in some mist and drizzle and you're more likely to turn blue than green.

"The little kids are amazing," said Elms. "I don't know how they're staying warm but they're jumping around and they look like they're having fun still."

Overcast skies didn't let the sun peak through. And parents wrapped their little ones in blankets. 

"He got his little hat and coat and layers!" said Kristin Demeester, parade watcher.

Even the mayor could barely feel his toes.

"Fingers and toes are a little cold I'll be honest," said Pete Buttegieg. South Bend mayor. "But you look at those kids and they get some candy in them and they got enough energy to keep them bouncing around and they look pretty warm. So as long as we keep moving and huddle together we can make a great day out of it no matter how cold it is."


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