"Parent Responsibility Act" moves to Gov. Rick Snyder's desk

Michigan lawmakers want to make sure your children are in class, especially if their family is receiving government assistance.

If Governor Rick Snyder signs House Bill 4041, Family Independence Program benefits would be directly tied to child's attendance if that child is below the age of 16.

According to the bill, if kids 16 and under don't meet the state or school's attendance requirements, that money would be cut off. That could add up to a loss of $420.

In order for that aid to be restored the child would have to be in attendance in school for 21 days straight.

This has been a policy by the Department of Human Services for a few years, but this bill would give it added weight as state law.

Michigan House District 79 Representative and sponsor of the bill Al Pscholka says it's an effort that his constituents in Benton Harbor have repeatedly requested.

"In the Benton Harbor area it's something that my judges and my teachers have been crying for and really wanting," said Pscholka. "They want to create that incentive that people are in class and have a chance at a great education to break the cycle of poverty."

Schools can individually choose how many days students can miss before benefits are cut.

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