Parents and students show their support of Jimtown teacher who slapped student

NOW: Parents and students show their support of Jimtown teacher who slapped student

JIMTOWN, Ind. -- A full house inside the Jimtown High School library, as the Baugo Community School Board determined how to handle the early retirement of Mike Hosinski. 

Hosinski slapped a student so hard, his head hit the wall behind him, apparently because of his hoodie.

But those who knew the longtime teacher said Hosinski is not a bad person. 

“Many of us couldn’t believe it. Many of us didn’t want to believe it," said former student Tanner Clark.

Terry Kilyear, who worked alongside Hosinski said  “He’s probably one of the most moral people I know on the staff.”

Karla Funnell, whose children attended Jimtown, added “The ones that actually had Mr. Hoisinski thought the world of him.”

Those coming out in support of Hosinksi argue that the student he slapped had routinely been sent to the office and known troublemaker, and that he pushed Hosinski to the edge. 

“That’s a friend of mine, and for something like that to happen, there had to have been something going on that would’ve caused that person to just snap," said Kilyear.

Some believe that the school board should be held accountable instead, for failing to address a problematic student. 

“Administration has not only failed the students, but our Jimtown Highschool staff," said two students speaking before the board. "I have never been more embarrassed to be a Jimtown Jimmie.”

“When a kid is not held accountable for their actions, they feel that it stays that way forever," said Funnell. 

Kilyear added He’s had forty years of good service and for this one incident to tarnish his reputation—I’m sure he’s embarrassed and feels really bad after the time—but that’s what I’m sad about.”

One pleasant surprise for the supportive crowd: the board granted Hosinski to full retirement benefits, to the sound of uproarious applause.  

Jimtown declined our request for comment. 


The initial letter sent out by Baugo Community Schools said that "Hosinski is no longer employed by [them]," and we reported that he was fired. However, a second letter, which was not sent directly to ABC57, clarified that Hosinski announced his retirement this year, and after he slapped the student, he requested "that his retirement be effective immediately." The story has been updated to reflect this. 

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