Parents learn about Focus 2018 plan through informational fair

NOW: Parents learn about Focus 2018 plan through informational fair

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --  Parents are learning how Focus 2018, a plan introduced by South Bend Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Spells, will affect their children in the upcoming school year.

The district held an informational fair Tuesday night at Jackson Intermediate. The session allowed parents, teachers, students and principals to discuss options and highlight programs available for students in the coming school year.

Focus 2018 is planned to begin August of this year. It would close three schools and repurpose several others. The justice department still has to approve the plan before it can go into effect.  

Nonetheless, some parents had questions about Focus 2018. The informational fair helped to answer some of those questions. It started with a presentation to highlight what programs are available in elementary, middle and magnet schools across the district.

“They put their best representatives out so we got to really hear what programs were being offered,” said Kiana Jackson, a parent of a student in the district.  “They have a lot of new things so it’s given me some things to think about.”

The principal of Jackson Intermediate, Francios Bayingana, said he was excited to see a full parking lot at the event.

“The outcome I want to see is of course to have the kids enrolled in our school, South Bend Schools,” said Bayingana.

He added he wanted to make sure those kids were able to review all their options and choose a program they are not only prepared for, but excited about.

The event changed some parent's concerns into excitement. 

"Everything is very well organized and they seem to have a really good handle on this new program so it's exciting," said Jackson. 

More information about Focus 2018 can be found here

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