Parents start their back to school shopping

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- The school year is coming up fast and Mike Cozart and his daughter, Lauryn, are ready to hit the shelves for this year's school supplies.

The shopping baskets at stores across Michiana are filling up for students getting ready to go back to school.

Sales associates at Office Depot say the store has been getting a lot of foot traffic, especially this past week.

“It’s been swarming, it's been ridiculous," says Russell Frantom. "These are some of the biggest numbers I have seen working in retail.”

And parents say that these shopping trips are not cheap.

“We have over the past two weeks have spent over $200 and I am sure there is much more to spend,” says Danya Hardin.

“About $200 each and times three, so about $600," says Mike Cozart.

“Somewhere between $500 - $1,000,” says Kenton Leidi.

With this shopping being a yearly occurrence, parents have found ways to cut back on the spending.

“Watch the sales circulars, all the ads," says Danya Hardin.

Most stores have their own coupons that you can find right when you walk into the store for anyone to use.

Parents say these coupons help the price of going back to school stay low.

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