Parishioners pray for rain

BURKET, Ind. – As Michiana continues to suffer from the worsening drought conditions some have begun asking a higher power for relief.

People from the small Kosciusko County farming town of Burket packed into the Burket United Methodist Church on Thursday night to pray for rain.  As the service began Pastor Gary Loy raised an umbrella in front of the crowd to show his faith that their prayers would be answered.

“Right now people are hurting beyond hurting, the farmers,” explained Loy.  “That all trickles to us, those consumers that will soon feel the blunt of the browns that we see in the community, it looks like the desert out there.”

Loy and pastors from other denominations gathered people to sing hymns that mention rain and pray together, Loy called the plan D.R.I.P. which stands for drought rain intervention by prayer.

“We can fill the rivers, we can fill the lakes, replenish the wells and we can let the corn and the grains and the wheat grow,” Loy said.

More prayer services will be held on Sunday, multiple churches and ministries have pledged to hold a day of prayer for rain on Sunday July 1.

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