Pattern Change

In my previous blog Snowfall Not on Track we went over the weather patterns that often bring snow to Michiana. Models are now trending to be more active through the end of the week and into next week as well. 

Weak but frequent passing of Albert Clippers (pictured left) look to graze Michiana. Although not strong storms, each brings with it a burst of colder air. 

Thursday and Friday will still be mild enough that we see a rain/snow mix, but Monday thru Wednesday of next week we could see the coldest air so far this season. This combined with "mild" lake waters, still in the 40s could turn on the lake effect snow.

Each wave may not bring a lot of snow, but there is a possibility to pick up a couple inches with each wave, and it could add up. We'll continue to track the changing weather pattern over the coming days. 

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