Paul Whelan hearing delayed

A Michigan man accused of espionage by the Russian Government will be behind bars until at least March. Paul Whelan's detainment hearing, scheduled for Sunday, was pushed back to March 29th.

Whelan was arrested a year ago in Moscow while visiting for a friend's wedding. There has been little information released about the nature of these charges or why Whelan has been detained for so long.

Whelan's family and lawmakers on Capitol Hill have all called on the US Government to get involved in his release. They have also accused the Russian Government of neglect, by not letting him see a doctor to tend to his medical issues, and abuse. 

At his court date on Friday, Whelan brought two notes, one asking for foreign governments to aid in his release. The other was a Christmas message for his family. 

Whelan faces 20 years in prison if convicted.

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