Woman hit and killed at Michigan garage sale on U.S. 12

NOW: Woman hit and killed at Michigan garage sale on U.S. 12

NILES, Mich. -- A weekend that’s supposed to be focused on bargain hunting and collecting vintage items took a tragic turn Friday morning.

“We heard a loud thud and a crinkle sound,” said Juliann Szucs, who lives on U.S. 12.

Szucs has hosted a yard sale for the last several years during Michigan’s 180 mile garage sale.

Right outside of her home, a woman was hit by a car as she was attempting to cross the street to get back into her vehicle.

“There was a crowd of people gathered instantly that held her hand talked to her stopped traffic for everybody until the police got here,” Szucs said.

Several 9-11 calls were made to police around 9:40 this morning.

Michigan State police say this isn’t the first time that this has happened during the annual event

“I can’t give you the exact number of times this has happened, but I know the troopers that are here have mentioned to me when these garage sales take place unfortunately it does happen,” said Benjamin Mahaffie, a trooper with MSP.

Police say 78-year old Carole Ann Martin from south bend was struck by a car going westbound after shopping at a garage sale.

She was taken to memorial hospital with head, arm and internal injuries. Martin later died from her injuries.

Police believe that the driver of the car was going below the 55 mile per hour speed limit.

The incident is raising safety concerns across the sale’s route. State police are urging anyone who attends to look twice before crossing the road.

“We’re driving by to remind people that they need to look both ways I mean it seems pretty simple to do that but some people just forget,” said Mahaffie. “They buy their items and just start walking back towards their car and sometimes, they just don’t think you know I’m just at a garage sale but this is a high traveling fast freeway,” Mahaffie said.

The name of the driver wasn’t released, but he did remain on scene and cooperated with police.

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