Penn High Spell Bowl squad wins second perfect invitational

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - For the second time in three outings this season, the Penn High School Spell Bowl squad racked up a perfect score when hosting its own invitational meet on Monday night.

For the season, the Kingsmen have correctly spelled 269 out of a maximum of 270 words.

For Penn it was their 31st perfect score in history.  It is estimated there there have been only about 44 perfect scores in the history of Hoosier Spell Bowl and thus Penn has 31 of them.

Here are the final scores for the Penn Invitational.


1. Penn 90
2. East Noble 60
3. New Prairie 48
4. Kouts 36
5. Mishawaka 34
6. Garrett 25
7. Northwood 24
8 Prairie Heights 14

Perfect spellers for the Penn varsity:  Leah Hershberger, Nitin Arora, Alec Jacobs, Alex Cao, Austin Heckaman, Chris Yun, Marija Lapkus, Nisha Bhatt, Richard Jung and Jenny Huang.

Perfect spellers for the Penn junior varsity which finished with a score of 85:  Presto George, Faihaan Arif, Disha Wagway, Peter Jung, Josh Rajkumar, Yejee Oh, Kamika Arora and Max Kirsch. 

Next up for the Kingsmen is the Kouts Invitiatonal on Monday, Oct. 1.

(Source: This was a press release courtesy of  Joe DeKever)


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