People across Michiana prep for big snowfall

ROCHESTER, Ind. -- Cashiers Megan Ringle and Kaleigh Graf at the Big R Store in Rochester were busy Friday with people preparing for Friday night's snowfall.

“I got a pair of leather gloves,” said customer Kyle Melton.

Cashiers said that was their fastest selling item, with shovels, salt, and space heaters coming in close behind.

But most customers aren’t too worried.

They’ve become used to this kind of weather and are just picking up a few winter essentials.

“I got some salt for the sidewalks. I have stairs and didn’t want to slip down them,” said customer Tanya Whitaker.

The floor manager said some customers have even come in asking where they can find the milk and bread, but they don't sell those essentials.

Another popular item was the snow blower.

Sleds were also a popular item.


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