People react to "Surviving R. Kelly"

NOW: People react to “Surviving R. Kelly“

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- People are reacting to the Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”. The multi-part series takes a look at allegations of sexual abuse against the singer.

“Jaw dropping,” said Ashley Ruiz. “I couldn’t believe all the stuff that was going down.”

Ruiz did not watch part one of the documentary but, says she’s well aware of the allegations against Kelly. “I just think it was total wrong what he did,” said Ruiz.

Local officials say they expect to see an increase in victims coming forward because of the documentary. “Whenever survivors are willing to come out and share their stories, it helps others survivors to know that they’re not alone,” said Megan Elbin, a front line advocate for the Family Justice Center.

The allegations in the documentary have also sparked a debate over whether or not stations should still play R. Kelly’s music on air.  Jon Zimney, program director for WUBU released a statement Friday saying,

“Yes we play R. Kelly, and we have listeners requesting R. Kelly on a regular basis, and have no complaints when we do play him, at least that I’ve received. Obviously, if listeners strongly spoke out against our playing him, we’d take that into consideration. We play a wide variety of R & B from artists of several generations and that’s been the true success of the station. It is not built on any one particular artist.”

Ruiz says she will still enjoy Kelly’s music, but will be more conscious about where her money goes. “I won’t be buying anymore concert tickets,” said Ruiz. “Great performer, but I won’ support him in that way.”

R. Kelly denies the accusations made in the documentary and is threatening legal action against Lifetime.

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