Pittsburgh Steelers player stabbed in car-jacking

PITTSBURGH —  A restaurant owner helped a Pittsburgh Steelers’ player after he was stabbed during an attempted car-jacking.

Police say the 23-year-old man was walking to his truck when three guys attacked him. They pointed a gun at his head, and then stabbed him twice.

They got away as the young man stumbled into a nearby restaurant for help; a place where he was well known.

"He said, 'They stabbed me.  I can't believe it, they stabbed me,'" said Daniel McSwiffen. "I said, come on inside Mike, we'll dress your wounds. I told my wife, grab the first aid kit.  Take care of him."

He is expected to be okay.

The restaurant owners say they were happy to help him not just because he is a good customer but because he is a great guy.

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