Pizza delivery drivers targeted in string of South Bend robberies

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- In the past six days, three different pizza delivery drivers have been held up at gun point.

Police says one man is responsible for at least two of the robberies and he is still on the loose.


Both of the Saylor's Pizza delivery drivers were delivering pizza to the exact same house, but the people who live at house say they are not ordering pizza.


Police say in two of the cases, Saylor's Pizza was called to deliver pizza to a South Bend home on the 1100 Block of Beale Street.


Before the pizza ever reached the door step, a man armed with a gun appeared demanding money.


Police say the robber is using a retired, elderly couple's home to commit his crimes.


ABC 57 talked to the man who lives in the home and he says he feels violated and cannot believe someone would use his family's address.


The manager of Saylor's Pizza says, in his 20 years with the company, only two delivery drivers have ever been robbed, until now.


The manager says some of his workers are afraid to make deliveries, which is why workers are now being asked to take extra precautions. In fact, the pizza place now has its drivers pairing up and making deliveries together.


The manager says these recent robberies are not stopping them from making deliveries to the neighborhood, but workers say they will be extra careful if they ever get called to the house off of Beale Street again.


Police are still searching for the man targeting these pizza delivery drivers.


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