Pizza ovens, delivery drivers work overtime for Super Bowl Sunday

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --  Ovens and deep fryers at pizza places and wing spots worked overtime for Super Bowl Sunday.

For Bruno's on Edison Road, Super Bowl Sunday means big business. Two hundred pounds of dough big.

To put things into perspective, Bruno's on Edison Road generally only uses fifty pounds of dough.

But on Super Bowl Sunday, they prepare for three times as much business as normal.

Over 150 pizzas and extra delivery drivers to weather the storm.

"We'll deliver in any kind of weather whether it be rain, sleet or snow." said Blake Schirripa, the owner of Bruno's on Edison Road in Mishawaka.

"They want it to be delivered for a reason, they don't want to be driving through this kind of stuff." explained Bryce Ryan, a Bruno's employee.

Brice Ryan says it can be scary sliding down the roads to deliver pizzas, but he says its very rewarding.

"Oh they are so excited!" 

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