Plan your Fourth of July safely, tips from SBFD

As we all plan to enjoy our Fourth of July weekend officials in Michiana want us to remember some safety tips as we light those fireworks up.

Battalion Chief at the South Bend Fire Department, David Maenhout says from July 1st to the 9th you are allowed to shoot fireworks from 5 to 11 p.m.

The 4th is an exception; fireworks are allowed from 10 a.m. to midnight.

Maenhout says there are certain laws one must follow when it comes to shooting off fireworks.

You’re only allowed to shoot them off on your own property or on private property that has granted you permission. Public property such as tree lawns, parking lots or streets is not an option.

Maenhout also mentioned being prepared is the only step toward having a safe and enjoyable holiday.

He says children should always be supervised because obviously without supervision that’s when accidents happen. And as far as violating the firework “curfew” there are some consequences.

“The main thing is use common sense that’s what it comes down,” says Maenhout. “You are responsible for where the debris falls. You may be ticketed if police are able to catch you. You may be ticketed or fined.”

The battalion chief also mentioned it’s a good idea to have water available to put out sparklers or fireworks.

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