Plans for new affordable housing in Niles move forward

NOW: Plans for new affordable housing in Niles move forward


NILES, Mich – Plans for affordable housing move forward in Niles.

The Niles City Council approved plans to turn Niles’ old historic Post Office into an apartment complex.

The approval puts Niles City Council and Wisconsin based General Capital one-step closer to turning the plan into reality.

The Post Office project will include converting the existing building into apartments along with adding a multi-million dollar building on the lot behind the Post Office.

The Post Office project is one of three projects from General Capital in Niles including the 53 apartment Berkshire Niles and the 88 unit Four Flags Plaza

“I hope it will bring money to the city, but I do have concerns though” Julia Ashlock of Niles said.

The city conducted a study that showed there’s a need for more than 600 affordable housing units, which include low and middle income housing along housing for seniors.

Julia Ashlock of Niles says she hopes it benefits existing city residents.

“So I hope this housing development would impact Niles citizens but I would hope it’s just not relocating people from other areas to this area” Ashlock said.

City council member Daniel VanDanHeeden says once the project is fully approved construction will begin in a few months.

“If they recive the approvals and tax adjustments in January they would probably start that spring which would be next spring and they’re looking at I believe next year timeline or so” VanDanHeeden said.

There will be a planning meeting between city officials and the developer where they plan to iron out the remaining details.

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