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Plastic gun incident reported at Goshen High School

GOSHEN, Ind.—A plastic gun incident was reported at Goshen High School on Monday, according to a post to the school district’s Facebook page.

Goshen High School and Goshen City Police officials were made aware of a student carrying a plastic “look-alike gun” at the high school on Monday.

Officials said no threats were made by the student.

The school district posted the following statement about the incident:

Today, Goshen High School and Goshen City Police Department officials became aware of a student that was carrying a plastic look-alike gun at GHS. There were no threats made by this student to anyone. Other students did the right thing and reported to adults that they knew of the plastic gun. In keeping with our tradition of transparency, we wanted to make the community aware of this situation.

While this situation posed no threat, the school district and law enforcement officials always work together to ensure the safety of all students and staff, and we will continue to be diligent in our efforts to do so. Proper disciplinary procedures have been followed.

Thank you to the entire community for partnering with us for the safety and well-being of every Goshen resident.

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KirkMiller 37 days ago
This whole thing is ridiculous. Waste of time and tax payer money. At worst, confiscate the toy and inform the parents. Schools can barely graduate students that can even take care of themselves after school. Be a school, not a parent, and hold bad parents accountable. Stop spreading fear and wasting my taxes. When I was in highschool, the cops only showed up for one particular person. Now, the schools act like the crappy neighbor who calls 911 every time the wind blows, plus have a cop on duty AT the school. This is ridiculous!
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