Plymouth family cleans up storm damage, Marshall County warns of flooding

NOW: Plymouth family cleans up storm damage, Marshall County warns of flooding

PLYMOUTH, Ind. --- A Plymouth family said they were lucky no one was injured when two large tree limbs fell in the road right in front of their house Monday morning.

High winds ripped the limbs of the tree clean off, landing in the middle of the street right in front of the family’s home.

The family said around 9:30 a.m. was when the storm was at it’s worst. The woman heard a loud crash, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

“Well it was raining so hard we couldn’t tell what was going on down here,” said Mike, one of the homeowners.

As soon as the rain cleared up, they got to see the damage.

“It hit the ground real hard and it just made me have goosebumps,” said Deb, the other homeowner.

She said she was scared that the limbs might have hit a passing car.

“I just thought it could have hit somebody or it could’ve hit the powerline, but it missed it so we were lucky,” said Deb.

Clyde Avery, manager at the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency, said this was the only damage left over by the storm that he’d heard of.

And with round two coming this afternoon and continuing on into the evening, he said it’s flooding that folks should be aware of.

“Because of the rain we had on Friday the ground is already heavily saturated which could cause some more flooding concerns,” said Avery.

He said, if that happens, everyone should avoid flood waters.

“If the road is marked with high water signs or if it’s barricaded off don’t disobey they signs,” said Avery. “Don’t drive around them they’re there for a reason we’re trying to keep people as safe as possible.”

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