Plymouth prepares for snowy weather to continue

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- More snow keeps falling all over Michiana.  But will it ever end?

Not in the near future.

But how are cities and towns across the area preparing for the constant snow?

Plymouth currently has 3,000 tons of salt in their salt shed, all left virtually untouched after last year's lack of snow.

The street department is still preparing for a new shipment of salt this season.

The city doesn't pre-treat the roads, because they don't yet have the equipment for it.  

But, Jim Marquadt, the street commissioner tells ABC57 News, he hopes to get it next year.

Marquadt says, his crews will be prepared to act quickly, if the weather takes a turn for the worst. 

"We've got everything ready and we're watching the weather forecast," he says. "If we get into a big system, we can spread that into two crews and have 6-7 trucks out each time."

He advises drivers to take it slow, not only because of the slick roads, but also because of the trucks out working. 

"When you see a snow plow, don't crowd them. Give them room," Marquadt says.  "They're a piece of equipment and they can't stop that quick."

Marquadt also adds that people can call the street department and let them know if there's a bad stretch of road that requires some treating. 

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