Plymouth Speedway open for another summer season

NOW: Plymouth Speedway open for another summer season


PLYMOUTH, Ind. - The month of May brings plenty of racing fans to the Hoosier state, but the action goes well beyond the Indianapolis 500.

Plymouth Speedway has hosted racing since opening just off US-31 in 1952. Once again, they are back for another summer on their beloved dirt track.

The season began this past weekend, though cold and wet weather hindered opening day. Still, the track was open and drew a decent crowd, showing how much fans in the area love the sport.

"[There is] excitement when it’s time to go racing," said race director Sara Tarlton. "We try to get it in even if it’s a little rain. We try to hold off and give them a place to go on Saturday nights to have fun. Put on a good show for the fans and people who want to come out and weather the storm.”

The Speedway is expecting a much bigger turnout this weekend, with better weather expected and the annual appearance of the popular USAC Sprint Series.

However, there are more than just sprint cars to be seen at the track, which they've dubbed "The Playground of Power."

Saturday's event will also feature UMP Mods and Thunder Stocks, and that is just a small sample of the variety in series and divisions the Speedway will host throughout the summer.

With shows every Saturday night through the end of August, they know fans will eventually fall in love no matter who or what is racing.

“Each of them bring their own spectators so it is exciting," said Tarlton. "Sometimes you pick up new ones, and when you have them here on a special, you’ll pick up someone who’s never seen a sprint car, so it helps to have a variety.”

The Saturday night races begin at 7 p.m. each week.

Visit Plymouth Speedway's website for a full summer schedule.

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