Polaris Ranger stolen from home in Vandalia

NOW: Polaris Ranger stolen from home in Vandalia

VANDALIA, Mich. - Stolen, without a sound.

A Cass County farmer says his Polaris Ranger, worth thousands of dollars, vanished from his home Thursday night, without a trace.

Steve Asmus is retired now. But he and his wife, work on their Vandalia farm everyday.

Thursday night, someone not only robbed an extremely expensive vehicle from the family, but also, a part of their life.

“First time in 38 years anything stolen much less something like this," said Asmus.

Asmus has lived on his farm for nearly four decades.

“It was just a normal night, got up early Friday morning and it was gone," said Asmus.

The 2013 red Polaris Ranger was stolen without a trace.

Steve and his wife take care of over 100 animals on their farm  but now that work has been made much more challenging.

Asmus says the Ranger was used for just about everything on their farm, and when it was stolen, six to eight hundred dollars worth of equipment, that was on the back of it, went with it.

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