Police arrest 29 people in warrant sweep

James Conner

Nathan Eix

Jonathan Hodges

Scott Plaster

Demtrius Roberson

Avery Smith

Tamica Storball

Sabrina Townsend

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- Michigan City Police conducted a warrant sweep Thursday and arrested 29 people.

The Fugitive Apprehension Team provided over 20 officers and detectives with the names and possible locations of wanted subjects.

“Cpl. Nick Krause (F.A.S.T. Commander) and Cpl. Kelley Kennedy (Warrants Division) are to be commended for their efforts in this well coordinated public safety warrant sweep. Our officers continue to go above and beyond in their duties despite the multiple challenges law enforcement agencies are facing both locally and nationally. Many significant arrests were made yesterday, and we are proud of the leadership that both supervisors have displayed," Police Chief Campbell said.

Michigan City Police say the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department and the LaPorte County E911 Regional Dispatch Center supported their efforts.

The following people were taken into custody:

  • Kenneth Banas
  • James Bologna
  • Trevor Comer
  • James Connor
  • Nathan Eix
  • Thomas Ferrell
  • Reginald Fields
  • Anthony Gilyard
  • Jonathan Hodges
  • Alisa Hollins
  • Ralphael Hudson
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Robert Jones
  • Robert Kemp
  • Monica Lewis
  • Kevin Mehler
  • Bud Metheny
  • Greg Metheny
  • Lindsay McCullough
  • Greg Olson
  • Scott Plaster
  • Destiny Raggs-Nourse
  • Victor Richmond
  • Demtrius Roberson
  • Ciara Sevier
  • Avery Smith
  • Amber Smith
  • Tamica Storball
  • Sabrina Townsend
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