Police believe they found the body of Alma Del Real

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - South Bend Police and Metro Homicide say they were led to a body in a remote area of Marshall County that is believed to be the body of  22-year-old Alma Del Real.

Police have a suspect in custody, but have not released that person's name. 

Officials say even though they have a suspect in custody, the investigation is still ongoing.

An autopsy will be conducted on Thursday in Kalamazoo.

Tim Corbett of South Bend Metro Homicide says they have 48 hours to charge the person in custody and the person's name will be released when that happens.

Del Real was reported missing April 12.

At the press conference Wednesday night, South End Police and Metro Homicide thanked the ATF, FBI and Marshall County Sheriff's Department for pulling 70-80 hours weeks investigating this case.

The case is not closed and the investigation is ongoing.

"This is an ongoing investigation. If anyone has information, please contact the homicide office. This is not a conclusion, but an ongoing investigation," said South Bend Police Chief Ron Teachman.

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