Police chase leaves Plymouth man driving stolen car in river

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – An early morning police chase left a Plymouth man and the stolen vehicle he was driving in the St. Joseph River.

27-year-old Duane Longacre was driving a stolen 2002 Jeep when South Bend Police tried to pull him over.
Longacre led police on a chase ending near the intersection of Pleasant Street and Wilson Boulevard in Mishawaka. There he went straight into the grass, on the sidewalk, over the embankment, ping-ponged between a couple of trees and the car ended near the river.
Police pulled Longacre from the water with a rope and branches.
During the police chase, a 21-year-old Plymouth woman was also in the car. Police said she managed to escape and was dropped off at a friend’s house following the incident.
Police said during the chase, Longacre was pouring out a chemical used to make meth.
ABC 57 picked up Marshall County Court Documents on Tuesday afternoon that said Longacre has faced at least 25 court charges since 2000, but some of those have been dismissed.
Documents said Longacre was found guilty of Possession of Methamphetamine in 2006 and 2011.
Police said they still haven’t found a gun that was believed to have been in the stolen car. Witnesses on the scene said they would guess it, too, is in the river just like everything else.
Longacre will face charges from both Marshall County and South Bend Police including theft and resisting law enforcement.

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