Police find man on bicycle with mobile meth lab

SOUTH BEND, Ind – A South Bend man pulled over for not having the proper lights on his bicycle and the cart he was pulling turned into a mobile meth lab bust late Thursday night.

Officers said 43-year-old Lewis Vandusen was riding his bike down Lincolnway West when they stopped him and found three backpacks full of ingredients used to make meth, along with a small amount of the drug.
The Metro Special Operations Section, or M.S.O.S, got to the scene about an hour later to neutralize the chemicals. It handles all meth labs in South Bend and Mishawaka.
M.S.O.S. officers said they have been busy lately; this was the fourth meth lab bust within the past week, and the seventh in 2012.
Officers said they responded to meth labs at two homes in Mishawaka, as well the mobile meth lab in a Jeep that was pulled out of the embankment in the St. Joseph River after a police chase early Tuesday.
Police said Vandusen has been arrested for meth related charges in the past.
Vandusen will be charged with possession of meth and meth paraphernalia.

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