Police identify man killed in South Bend shooting

NOW: Police identify man killed in South Bend shooting

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -  A shooting on the northwest side of South Bend claimed one person’s life. It happened just before midnight on Elmer street. Police have identified the victim as 19-year-old Alan Diaz of South Bend.

One neighbor tells ABC57 today that the area has been very quiet for the last couple months so when she heard gunshots so close to home, she got scared and immediately called the police.

“I was sitting on my bed just eating and I heard the shots,” Kaylie said.

Police were called to the 1600 block of Elmer Street late Tuesday night.

Diaz was found with at least one gunshot wound. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“It’s scary. I have 5 kiddos so sometimes it just worries me that a bullet could come inside my house and hit one of my kids or it just could’ve happened a different way. It didn’t and I am thankful for that,” Kaylie said.

Neighbors say it’s scary to know this was so close to home.

“It’s just so close to comfort hearing the gunshots and knowing that it was actually on the block because I’ve heard gunshots previously but it was blocks away from us,” Kaylie said.

“My daughter sleeps here and I really don’t like that type of stuff going on so close to where she sleeps. It made me actually go check on her this morning just to make sure everything is okay with her.,” Carlton Robertson, another neighbor said.

Some neighbors are even considering adding security.

“I’m thinking about getting a security system because I think that it would be a little easier and feel comfort in that,” Kaylie said.

Both Kaylie and Robertson say the area is usually quiet.

“I haven’t seen anything remotely like that since I’ve been over here," Robertson said. “Nothing surprises me anymore."

Neighbors telling ABC57 they don’t want last years spike violence in south bend to not repeat itself.

 “I’ve definitely seen it go downhill. I’ve definitely seen a lot more senseless killings, lot more shootings. I just wish it would stop,” he said. “This is a small town and I just want the kids to be able to grow up without feeling that type of stress and things going around them.”

“I just think that people should put their guns down and not be so violent,” Kaylie said. “A gun doesn’t have to go straight to shooting somebody, I mean there’s a better resolution, I think that’s better than ending somebody’s life. That’s not fair to anyone even if it’s something small.”

Diaz’s autopsy is scheduled for Thursday at 10 a.m. in Fort Wayne.

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