Police investigate teen shot near Portage Ave. in South Bend

NOW: Police investigate teen shot near Portage Ave. in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- “Bullets, they don’t have no name,” Ivory Pulluiam, South Bend resident.

Ivory Pulluiam is pleading with her community, asking for the violence to stop after another shooting in South Bend left one person injured.

“There’s other ways to resolve issues than shooting each other,” said Pulluiam.

Police responded to King Street just before 6:00 Tuesday evening after the ShotSpotter system picked up between 7 and 10 rounds fired.

Police initially reported that someone had been shot twice in their back. When they arrived, police found a 17-year-old suffering from gunshot wounds. The teen was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police say two suspects fled south on Portage Avenue.

Pulliam was picking up 2 of her children when she saw the police tape. Her concern, her kids were staying with her parents just feet away from where shots rang out.

“I told them to let me come over here really quick to see what was going on. I can only imagine you know what, I’ve lost a child so I know how it feels to lose a child. The kids aren’t supposed to go before us,” said Pulluiam.

 Pulluiam says she’s deeply concerned about her community as a whole..

“My mom is over here and my dad and they’re elderly and not only that I have a teenage son and I’m worried for him. Ignorance, ignorance that’s all it is it has to stop I mean… this is unnecessary. It’s unnecessary,” said Pulluiam.

But despite the results she’s seeing on the streets, she says it starts within the home,” said Pulluiam.

“Try to teach them a little better, you know, because this isn’t necessary. Try to educate your children a little more and love your children, they don’t have to do this,” said Pulluiam.

Police have not yet released any information regarding the suspects who fled. If you have any information, call police right away.

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