Police investigating suspect for possible link to mail theft

Detectives with the St. Joseph County Police Department are working with the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department after an Osceola man was arrested in Elkhart County with possibly stolen or misdirected mail.

Late Thursday night, Elkhart deputies arrested Andrew Waltz on preliminary charges of possession of methamphetamine, forgery and counterfeiting.

During their investigation they discovered checks, which may have been stolen from locations in eastern St. Joseph County, according to St. Joseph County Police.

Detectives with St. Joseph County are working with Elkhart deputies on the investigation, which could ultimately include federal investigators, police said.

Police believe some of the documents seized in Elkhart may a result of stolen or misdirected mail.

The investigation is ongoing.

If you have any information in this case, please contact the St. Joseph County Police Department.

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