Police investigating two near-overdoses

LaPorte Police were called to 316 G. Street in LaPorte Saturday night to investigate reports two people who may have overdosed and were not breathing.

When officers arrived, several people were leaving the home.

The person who called police told the officers two people in the home appeared dead.

Inside the home, a man and a woman were in separate upstairs bedrooms. Both were unresponsive, but were breathing.

EMS arrived and administered Narcan and both people regained consciousness.

They were both transported to IU Health LaPorte Hospital.

Police said there was evidence of drug use in the home and it was in deplorable condition.

The caller said he received a text from a friend whose son was in the house and reported two dead people were inside.

The caller went and checked on the home and when he arrived, he saw 20-25 people in the house arguing. When he saw the two unresponsive people, he called 911.

When he called 911 – everyone left.

The other occupants of the home told police they didn't know anyone was using heroin in the house.

When asked why they didn't call for help for the victims, they said they didn't want to get in trouble for having a party.

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