Police prepare for holiday shopping weekend

With thousands of shoppers hitting the road to snag bargains, it's important to remember patience is key. 

"We started at 6:00 this morning," says Margret Miller, a Black Friday shopper. 

Eager shoppers ventured out in the early morning hours to snag deals Friday.

Mishawaka's police department is ready for the crowds.

"Small business, big business, we're always out here," says Lieutenant Tim Williams with the Mishawaka Police. 

Lt. Williams advises drivers to slow down.

"I know you want to get to these deals but remember the faster you travel the longer it's going to take for you to stop and you may not be able to avoid that crash," says Lt. Williams. 

He says there are extra police officers on the streets and in the stores. 

"We just want everyone to enjoy their shopping experience," says Lt. Williams.

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