Police release 911 calls from 100 Center shooting

 Police have released 911 calls from the shooting outside the Riverside Bar in the 100 Center in Mishawaka early Saturday morning.

Dispatch: 911 what's your emergency?
Caller: My sister just got shot, we're at Riverside bar
Dispatch: I've got that did you see the person who shot them?
Caller: She got shot at
Dispatch: Did you see the person that shot them? Okay we got police
Caller: Broke up into a group and she's shot!"

Over the past 2 years, 412 9-1-1 calls have been made from the 100 Center.

Mishawaka Police are still looking for a suspect in Saturday's shooting.

If you have any information, contact Mishawaka Police or Crime Stoppers at 800-342-STOP.
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