Police release 911 calls, suicide letter from deadly Grand Rapids shooting spree


Grand Rapids Police have released  the 911 calls from a crime spree that left seven people and the gunman dead July 7th.

Police said Rodrick Dantzler called 911 after killing his estranged wife, Jennifer Heeren, their 12-year-old daughter Kamrie, his wife’s parents, and another woman and her two daughters:

Rodrick: I'm where the f****** hostages are!

Operator: Which is where?

Rodrick: You can call and ask all the f****** police 'where the f*** is he at?' and then you'll know where the f*** I am.

Rodrick: I don't give a f*** about killing anybody, I'm already dead, so if you don't do what the f*** I say, I'm going to kill another mother******.”


Police also released audio from another victim, who was being chased by the Tahoe Dantzler was driving through downtown Grand Rapids:


Caller: Oh my God, I see him!

Operator: If he's been trying to flag you down, I suggest you go home, get your kids and...

Caller: (Screaming) He just shot me! He just shoT me! Oh my God, he just shot me!”


The motive behind Dantzler’s rampage has been unclear, but a suicide note Dantzler left was released by police to ABC affiliate WZZM.

It the letter, Dantzler points to his mother-in-law as the reason his wife left him, saying “She pretty much talked her into leaving me…I’m going to take her with me.”

Dantzler also mentioned he was depressed, saying “I’m tired of living with these demons in my head.” “It tried to get help, but the medicine didn’t help.”

Police said the toxicology test found high doses of cocaine in Dantzler’s system.

The reason behind targeting the other woman and her two daughters remains unclear, but investigators told WZZM a witness said the family owed Dantzler money.


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