Police release names of woman, teen involved in deadly shooting

NOW: Police release names of woman, teen involved in deadly shooting

“It’s just an unfortunate incident that she was involved in this,” said Sergeant Chris Yagelski with the Michigan City Police Department.

An innocent 15-year-old girl involved in a deadly shooting.

“There were shots that were fired into the vehicle, and two of the occupants were hit,” said Yagelski.

15-year-old Kamilion Jenkins and 28-year-old Cherita Wright were hit. They were shot inside their vehicle moments before 8:45 Tuesday night at the intersection of Grace and Holliday streets. Shattered glass still covers the ground there, hours later.

Wright and Jenkins were in the vehicle with two others, including a baby, when shots were fired. Police say they immediately drove less than a half a mile away to the Michigan City Police Department for help.

Sergeant Chris Yagelski explains exactly what happened.

“They pulled into this area right here. At that point two of our officers, Corporal Greg Radiger and Officer Michael Mclemore were coming out of the department to go onto patrol, and they saw the victim and they then started rendering assistance,” said Yagelski.

But those life-saving efforts were unsuccessful. Kamilion died in the parking lot.

“She passed at this location. The other lady was taken to St. Anthony’s hospital where she was treated for her wounds and is in stable condition at this point,” said Yagelski.

Police say investigators are working the case, sifting through evidence and they are continuing their search for suspects—asking the public for help.

“They’re diligently working upstairs now. We have the victim’s here at our department into our lab. It’ll still be under major investigation, we’re asking anybody that has any information to come forward and to share with us any video or any kind of witness information that might assist us in the investigation at this point,” said Yagelski.

“We look at this as an isolated incident at this point. We’re still in the midst of our investigation but I don’t look at it as a random type of shooting, so, again it’s still under investigation,” said Yagelski.

ABC57’s Andrea Alvarez spoke with Kamilion Jenkins’ father Wednesday who was torn by the who situation.

"She’s not in no trouble, she would do anything to help anybody… just a bright kid, you know, my baby. I love her, I wish we could change places,” said Jenkins.

He says he just wants the person responsible to say so.

"I just want whoever did it to turn their self in. it's bigger than us. I just hope God's got his whole hands over the situation,” said Jenkins.

Police say they do not know who the intended target was at this time or if there was an intended target inside of that vehicle. They did mention that the vehicle was stopped at the stop sign at that intersection when the shooting happened. Yagelski says they plan to continue their investigation but will release more details once they have a grasp on what exactly happened at that intersection Tuesday night.

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