Police say propane tanks a target for thieves

Mishawaka Police say thieves are stealing propane tanks from local businesses.

Thieves stole 15 tanks from a Phillips 66 gas station on Day Road

Charlie Bails works at the Phillips 66 gas station and is concerned about the thefts.

He says, "It concerns me a little, you know it's one thing when they come in and no one's here, but God forbid they come in when somebody is here."

The tanks are about $42 each.

Tonya Elayan the manager of the Citgo gas on Lincoln Way said, "Last year I came to open the station and we open up at 6 am and my propane tank cage was broken into and there were 18 tanks stolen ."

After Elayan's gas station was targeted, she took extra precautions.

They got a heavy-duty lock which is much harder to break.

Police say the tanks can explode if not handled properly.

Mishawaka Police are asking for anyone with information about these burglaries to contact them as soon as possible.

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