Police searching for man who they say killed his children's grandmother

NOW: Police searching for man who they say killed his children’s grandmother


SOUTH BEND, Ind.- Police are still searching for Anthony .L Patten Jr. who allegedly shot and killed the grandmother of his child. 

40-year-old Tamara Agnew was found with fatal gunshot wounds in her daughter's apartment at the Sunshine Village Apartments in South Bend. 

Police arrived shortly after five a.m. Sunday morning and found Anthony L. Patton Jr. in a brown Chevy Equinox trying to drive away. 

"When officers got here they were able to see a suspect leave in a vehicle and they stopped right behind him and an exchange of gunfire between the officer and the suspect occurred," said St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Commander, Tim Corbett.  

Stray bullets hit the home and car of a nearby neighbor who wants to keep his identity withheld. 

“The bullet hit the bottom of the house right there. But if it would’ve came up at least two feet, it would’ve hit my bedroom window which is where I was laying at during the time this happened. It's just by the grace of God that it didn’t.”

Swat officers surrounded Patton Jr.'s parent's home off of Horn Court and South 30th Street in South Bend for about three hours. 

The suspect was not in the home but authorities did tow his car for further investigation. 

“Turn yourself in, that’s what it’s all about turn yourself in. Its going to be best for you and best for everybody,” said Commander Corbett.

Anthony L. Patton Jr. is still on the run. 

He is described as a black, 23-years-old, approximately 5'8'' and 150 pounds. 

The St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit says he is considered to be armed and dangerous. 

If you have any information about his whereabouts, contact 911 or the homicide unit at 574-235-5009.  

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