Police warn drivers after officer-involved accident in Benton Harbor

NOW: Police warn drivers after officer-involved accident in Benton Harbor

(Dispatch conversation:)

“14, go ahead.”

“I just got in an accident”

“6610 he’s [on] Britain, West of Pipestone [Avenue]. Rollover, get an ambulance headed that way.”

A close call for one of Benton Harbor’s police officers has the department warning drivers across the city about the law. The serious car accident left a Benton Harbor Police Officer and eight others shaken, but luckily ok Sunday morning.

The officer was heading West on Britain Avenue just before 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning, responding to a call the accident happened.

“It appears that the other vehicle did not yield for the police vehicle and began to turn left onto another street, struck the police car, forced the police car into a utility pole,” said Chief Deputy Robert Boyce with the Berrien County Sheriff’s Dept.

Chief Boyce with the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department was one of first on scene after the crash happened. He says the Benton Harbor police cruiser rolled several times during the collision, causing entrapment and damage to both vehicles.

(Dispatch conversation:)

“We’re going to need AEP… we’re gonna need Fire out here.”

“At this point, we’ve got one officer that’s entrapped, no other injuries.”

Now, Chief Boyce and other officers are asking drivers to be aware of what’s happening around you, especially when emergency vehicles are approaching.

“We do not want you distracted by any means. We want you to pay attention out the front windshield of your car, scan your mirrors, keep the volume level in the car down to an acceptable level so you can hear the sirens coming on. We never want to lose another one of our officers and this was a close call and thankfully he’s here with us today,” said Chief Boyce.

Everyone that was involved in the accident is ok but the crash is still under investigation at this time. The department has also not yet released the name of that officer.

According to Michigan’s “Move Over” law, A motorist found responsible for violating the Move Over Law is guilty of a misdemeanor and is subject to four points on their driver’s license and fines and fees of approximately $150. Motorists face enhanced penalties of up to 15 years in prison andor a $7,500 fine if the violation causes injury or death to a police officer, firefighter, or other emergency response personnel.

Police ask that you look over Michigan’s “Move Over” law. Click here for more.

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