Poll: Indiana U.S. Senate race is tied

Poll: Indiana U.S. Senate race is tied

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — pollsters say the gap between Joe Donnelly and Mike Braun is shrinking in Indiana’s U.S. Senate race.

A new poll from Ipsos and the University of Virginia Center for Politics shows the two candidates are pretty much tied, five weeks out from the election.

The survey show Donnelly might have a slight edge. Donnelly, at the time of polling, had 46 percent support while his rival, Mike Braun, had 43 percent support. But key issues, a third party candidate and the president could shift these standings around.

“The president is actually decently liked in Indiana,” said Mallory Newall, research director for Ipsos.

“And so what this means for the senate race is that an incumbent senator like Democratic Senator Donnelly has a tough race ahead of him to retain his senate seat in November.”

The Trump effect is certainly undeniable in the Hoosier state. His approval rating is nearly 10 points higher here than the national average and he’s one of the key issues driving voters to the polls according to this poll. But he’s not the only issue.

According to the survey healthcare, the economy and immigration are the strongest motivating issues for likely Hoosier voters in the midterms.

But one name was absent from their data: Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Lucy Brenton.

In an NBC/Marist poll released last month, Brenton picked up 8 percent of likely voter support.

“I certainly think that a third party candidate that’s polling in higher single digits can certainly decide an outcome when looking at race that, right now, as close as three points,” said Newall.

But these polls were conducted at least six weeks ahead of the elections and Ipsos says about 1 in 10 voters are still undecided.

“So there’s still certainly some room for either Sen. Donnelly to grow or for Mike Braun to make some gains,” said Newall.

View an infographic on the latest polls on this race by Evan DaCosta.

Indiana Senate Race Infographic

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