Possible changes to Goshen Community Schools

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Next school year, there may be fewer school buses making rounds and more sneakers hitting the pavement. Goshen Community Schools’ Transportation fund is short and the board says it has to make cuts somewhere.

Some parents are worried just thinking about their students walking to school.

If this proposal goes through, Goshen Community Schools will no longer bus elementary school kids who are not going to the designated school in their neighborhood.

Their plan is to add more crossing guards to the areas that end up having a lot more students walking.

But some parents say it's just not safe.

"You really don’t know what’s going on in the area. I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable with my kid walking to school at such a young age." Said Jaymee Eldridge, a concerned Goshen parent.

Other areas that may get cut are field trips and band and athletic trips.

Each school and organization will have to raise money and pay for the trips on their own.

The Goshen School Board will discuss these recommendations in its meeting on Monday, May 13.

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